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Hoping the Brewers Take the Hint, Contreras’ Inside Struggles, Maples’ Maybe New Role, and Other Cubs Bullets –

The Brewers need to locate a little better, but I don’t know that this needs to blow up any further. Also, Dillon Maples, long-ish man?



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The first two night games of the year left me to re-adjust to being all hyped up at night, and then doing various coverage things, such that I couldn’t quite get to sleep mode until about midnight my time. I know that’s not too late for most of you, but the kids are raring to go at 6:30 am or so (plus I like to go to the gym even earlier if I can), so I’m gonna have to re-locate that rhythm, and also not get myself quite so amped up for every single April baseball game …
   Speaking of being amped…

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